Performance Expectations: Where do You Stand?

By 6 June 2023
When we shine a closer lens on the sporting world, irrespective of the level of play, expectations reside both internal and external — for the athlete and/or player and those who have their own ‘expectations’ of their performance. Whether intentional or not, expectations come with the territory and they can be managed in a more […]

Mental Stability: Helping Athletes Cope with Performance

By 1 June 2023
As we look towards removing the stigma around mental health and its varied connotations, flipping our language towards pressure whilst including the broader term is integral for moving the value of a players and/or athletes mental health forwards. No matter if you are a player, coach or parent — or are an individual for that […]

Player Behaviour and Your Responsibility

By 30 May 2023
This week we’re looking at the role of player behaviour and how it is formed which is such an important topic that is often overlooked. I cannot tell you how many coaches I have come across over the years who want to be the “cool” coach and befriend their players. It is such a common […]

Depression and Anxiety in Sport: Invisibility and How Coaches Can Help

By 25 May 2023
Mental health is no joke. It has become more and more frequent over the past few years as one of the most pressing topics to be discussed and no longer ignored and pushed to the side. With some of the world’s biggest names shedding light on their own personal mental health and what it means, […]
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