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  • Want exclusive access to the World’s leading scientist on athlete performance?
  • And, the world’s leading scientist on coach performance, development and education?
  • Want to know how to optimise your playing performances, practically and technically?
  • Interested in applying functional movement parameters (techniques) to your performance to off-set the onset of injuries?
  • Want access to the World’s leading coaching professional with an academic stance above all others?
  • Interested in the World’s 1st scientist to uncover the keys to elite performance success “opposed to ‘former players [thinking] they’re equipped to be elite coaches’ or ‘generic coaches [thinking they know best practices] yet lacking the science’ without the fallacies?

That’s what Dr. Berge is here for — alongside her now NINE publications to date.


If you’re serious, complete the form in as much detail as possible to be considered for an in-person (virtual) session with Dr. Berge — limited times are available and as a result, only serious applicants will be considered for openings.

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For extensive consultation with Dr. Berge, limited 45* minutes sessions are available. Please complete the details below to express your interest. All appointments are limited and are pending confirmation once PayPal receipt has been received.

*total commitment by and with Dr. Berge begins at 2hrs depending on location (virtual or in person) and analytical depth with additional sessions required for lengthier projects