Psychology Sessions


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Psychology sessions are now available on a limited schedule for both athletes and non-athletes inside the adolescent window upwards to 30 years of age.

There is no rule book for individual sessions, rather the athlete or non-athlete’s current mindset is tapped into as the session is used to break down current inhibitors or underlying reasons blocking the individual from moving in their desired direction — from greater athletic demands, to internal and/or external blockers.

The difference afforded by Dr. Berge in contrast to a generalised psychologist is the multitude of character and behavioural awarenesses experienced firsthand over the past near two decades.

Not only does Dr. Berge have a doctorate (the highest academic qualification attainable), it isn’t in just one discipline, but two overarching fields — health, and education. More specifically, Dr. Berge’s work has infused human behaviour with a heightened emphasis on how an athlete reaches their peak performance and the existing blockers that impinge on an athlete’s prospects of mindful success. Equally, the non-athlete is afforded the external view — away from the field or court, as internal inhibitors and influences are dissected as the works of Dr. Berge transverse outside of the sporting domain into adolescent and young adult emotional to physical well-being.

Academic merits are lengthy for Dr. Berge alongside her 9 Books published to date — often much greater than the generalised psychologist. However, these sessions are not intended for atypical health concerns, rather a gateway for diffusing and instilling an approach to impart, going forward.

Equally complementary, Dr. Berge finds her age and experience as beneficial and as a unique footprint to the athletes and non-athletes she has worked with as it affords a greater sense of understanding, empathy and real-world experience, exposure and expertise.

Sessions are for 40 minutes (virtual) and available in 5-Session allotments to ensure the intention behind each session is met at a steady rate and spanned over the five sessions as a starting point to work through the initial point of concern with further allotments available thereafter. Individual sessions are not available.

All sessions are available AEST between business hours and if unsure, it is suggested to email in advance prior to purchase. Once payment is received, you will receive an email within 48 hours to organise available session times.