Secrets to Optimal Series

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Secrets to Optimal Series

To get to the top, you need to start by developing the fundamentals that will stick with you throughout your career to avoid being sidelined or overtaken by your competitors. This will get you there. This will give you the answers. The Secrets to Optimal Series is a must for the serious player, athlete, parent and coach who won’t take no for an answer.

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A compilation of how to optimise your performance as a developmental to amateur athlete with the aspiration of progressing towards the elite ranks, the Secrets to Optimal Series delivers the hard-hitting truth players, athletes and parents need to know, along with the coaches who aspire to be a part of their journey. Layout down the truth of what it takes in sport from an athlete, parents and coach perspective, this variant view brings together the whole team to play their part. This includes for both the parents and coaches the Wellbeing text to form better behaviours and help their child and/or player/athlete reach the elite ranks. If you’re a parent wanting to know the truth behind sports coaching and how to get your child towards the elite ranks, this is your starting point. If you’re an athlete or player that wants the answers to know what you need to do, these are must reads. And if you’re a coach wanting to follow a new road to get your player or athlete to the top and can take the hard truths and learn from them, then this is your chance to reclaim your coaching expertise.