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The highly anticipated release of How to Develop a Top 10 Tennis Ranking is here to deliver the long sought truth behind how the best players and coaches in the world reach the top echelon of play. Learn what only 8% of players and coaches know and what 92% do not — 100% backed by scientific rigour that continues to underpin this exhaustive and expansive milestone with a key purpose — sharing with players to coaches the real truth behind developing a Top 10 tennis ranking.

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After 11 years of unravelling to 8 years of carefully crafted design and 20 years since its initial inception, the blueprint behind How to Develop a Top 10 Tennis Ranking is shared. With 10 Books that have set the stage until now, this latest release beckons what was once thought unfathomable to what’s really possible. Building on its predecessors and the extensive quantitative data, The Power of the 8th Key is finally brought to the surface courtesy of the qualitative data extracted from both ATP and WTA tours as an interwoven story is brought to life.

Recounting why it has taken until now to the sceptics along the way, the power of science prevails. Sharing never before seen data on what it really takes to develop a Top 10 tennis ranking, how the 8th Key unites its previous 7 Keys to reach the pinnacle of play is revealed. Attributed to achieving the status of the 8% in the World rankings to what 92% of tennis players and coaches globally do not know — the emergence of qualitative data wrapped between its very own unfolding and a 13 year old girl who had a question that couldn’t be answered…until now.

Whether multiple Grand Slams are what you’re after to maintaining your ranking inside the Top 10, or knowing what is really takes to ascend from the Top 100 towards the Top 10, How to Develop a Top 10 Tennis Ranking is for you. Warped in scientific rigour to its very own untangling, The Power of the 8th Key brings new light to what it really takes to become the best in the world whilst once and for all leaving the non-believers in its wake. Welcome, the next generation of play and the blueprint towards the top echelon of play.

Initial Publication: 12th December 2023

Latest Edition: December, 2023

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