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What’s a Top 10 ranking worth to you AND the chance to interview Dr B?

To be the best, learn from the best. This is your chance, now.

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What is it worth to you to access the pathway to a Top 10 ranking AND have the chance to interview Dr B?


Subscribe now for $399 Weekly to get started on your journey to the Top 10 tennis rankings, now.

Top tier access for the next Top 10 player is here!

Receive EVERYTHING that the Gold Weekly Subscriber receives


5) The chance to interview Dr B on Beyond Top 10 Tennis (after 4 full months of weekly payments — that’s three times per year on an annual basis!) valued at $7,500!

6) A personal touch with WEEKLY YouTube video-reply’s made exclusively for you (in addition to the group)! 

That’s more than $10,000  EXTRA value for LESS when you become a Premium Weekly Subscriber!

Subscribers also receive previews, announcements to new releases and the ability to interact with your fellow next generation to ensure you’re keeping pace and don’t get left behind.

Embark on The Long Game over the 10 year Playing Cycle & 20 Years of Play, learning how to become an elite tennis player and secure a Top 10 ranking has never been more accessible or affordable, until now.

More? To get the most out of ‘The Pack’ it is recommended that subscribers already are familiar with, are reading or have read The Complete Collection (sold separately) to keep pace with the next generation of play.

Step 1: Create an Account, here.

Step 2: Subscribe and you’ll be redirected to our secure Subscriber Checkout.

Step 3: Create a Topicthread account and you’ll receive Group access within 48 hours of payment confirmation.

The best part? Cancel anytime. The even better part? At AM8 International, we’re with you each step of the way!

*once your payment has been processed and if you choose to cancel, you will have access up until the next billing period i.e. no refunds are permitted for subscriber due to their unique access points.

a) If you choose to cancel before your 4 month waiting period i.e. before you’re eligible to access the chance to interview Dr B, you will lose your eligibility and no refunds will be granted. Becoming a Premium Weekly Subscriber means you get access to these exclusive services for less.

b) Podcast interview sessions will range between 10-15 minutes with questions shared prior for approval.

c) All items are dependent on a ‘rolling’ (continual weekly subscription). We use this model to ensure you’re getting the most affordable access point possible. If you choose to cancel, you will lose all the associated benefits.

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