BEHIND OUR SECRETS. THE SECRETS OF A TOP 10 TENNIS RANKING. From our 2011 inception to working with athletes across the globe: Australia, throughout Europe, North America and AsiA.

AM8 International has cracked the code to a Top 10 Tennis Ranking and progressively helped athletes reach their performance peak. Now you can take back time and begin the real race to a Top 10 ranking by using Our Secrets to take the advantage.

Delivering the Next-Generation of Infused Performance

For those who don’t believe in science, turn away now. For those of you who understand the enormity of science and how it has helped shape and continues to shape the sporting future, read on. Each sport has its own unique mechanics (techniques). In this instance, TENNIS was [is] used as the imprint (base) to find the truth behind what it takes to enter the Top 10. Something that was never previously discovered until 9 Years ago. Since then it has largely been under wraps. That is, until now.

8 Years in Compilation

The Complete Collection has been 8 Years in the making: to make available to you. From start to finish on how to become a Top 10 tennis player. For the most substantial part, this is unheard of. And because of this landmark discovery, it is primarily “unbelievable”. But, science has proven much more substantial findings this century, yet perhaps this is the greatest for the sporting world.

20 Years of Hands On Experience

10 Books are incorporated inside The Complete Collection with different merits PLUS now with the latest release: How to Develop a Top 10 Tennis Ranking to deliver even more value! Some players will need them all, equally. Some will value a few over the rest. Others will re-read them all multiple times until they’re etched into their game and they’ve made it to the 8%. But whilst each book is its own strength, together they are that much more powerful.

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The Tennis Race that’s Building a New Pack of Players

After 20 Years of Unravelling behind Closed Doors.

12 Years of Systematic Analysis

Over the years, hundreds of players have been meticulously analysed against a scientific criteria that was explicitly proven to develop the best players in the world. From Federer to Serena, Nadal to Halep, Djokovic to Kerber, Alcaraz to Swiatek. There is a reason why the WTA tour produces more Grand Slam Champions. There is a reason why those with the most Grand Slams have continued to maintain their level of success.

There is an absurd amount of data that has gone into each book. A significant dataset that is based on REAL players inside the Top 100. And a dataset that is also based on ATP and WTA coaches who have previously achieved GRAND SLAM success. There is also data that separates these coaches from a significant number of other coaches inside the Top 100, and outside, as it highlights WHY these coaches are not WINNING Grand Slams with their player.

The Iceberg

Tip of the iceberg by all accounts, The Complete Collection is so much more. It is the beginning to your end goal. And when it comes down to it, the price is intentionally scaled below the rate of an Academy’s. Have you ever thought of why not every player at an Academy reaches the Top 10? There’s no guarantee. But there is a guarantee afforded by science. To know the secrets is an advantage, and a winning edge.

Your time is Now

To unravel the answers, to know the truth and to learn how to reach the top — quite literally, with the backing of science — Dr B has scientifically identified these answers and places them into real words, in ten distinct books, to progressively allow players, athletes, coaches and parents alike, to learn from start to finish what it really takes, and at the same time, gradually move your performance, at the same rate of time, with the development of your all-round game and ultimate results.

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Psychology Sessions

Our Secrets become Yours: take the edge, embrace change & find your footprint.

To know the secrets a player and/or coach needs to begin from the start to shape their playing trajectory. The Complete Collection is the first of its kind that gives you the power to join the Top 10 with science on your side. The Complete Collection is your footprint to the Top of the World rankings. After all, how the body moves and how a tennis ball is hit comes down to science. However, the simple actions of a forehand to backhand, serve to volley is rarely given the thought of science and how it was initially shaped.

Developing the Best

…in the world. Most importantly, a player needs to know if their coach is equipped to take them to a Championship WIN. Even more so, players and parents need to recognise that coaches who have previously been great players does not guarantee the same rate of success. Why? There’s a distinct difference found between knowing how to be a great player, and the ability to coach a player. And that’s not even the beginning.

Unveiling the Truth

Behind how to become a Top 10 player. It’s the chances we don’t take that hold us back. It’s the chances we do take that move us closer towards a Top 10 ranking. At AM8 International, we don’t support nor endorse an opinion. We publish and endorse scientific findings. This means an opinion backed by a significant dataset (i.e. 150,000 plus) in contrast to small samples (i.e. <100 or similar). 

By the World’s Best

Our esteemed author, scientist and the world’s leading authority (& coach) behind How to Develop a Top 10 Tennis Ranking has also unlocked another key. Dr Berge not only has developed and designed the toolkit, but unlocks how to avoid injury in adolescent and elite athletes — sport does not need to go hand in hand with the prevalence of injuries no more.

Start your journey to the top, today.

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