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Power in numbers. Power in results. That’s 7 hand-crafted Books to leverage towards a Top 10 ranking PLUS now with the latest release from Dr B: The 7 Keys to Optimise Your Life. Data driven by the best players in the world. Formulating the Key identifiers of Federer to Nadal and how Djokovic has closed the gap. Explaining why Swiatek to Raducanu won their maiden Slams and why Osaka keeps coming back for more.

Tennis on the Go

Systematically designed from inception towards a Top 10 ranking. Are you ranked inside the Top 100 and surging towards the Top 10? We’ve got you covered. Are you a nationally ranked player looking to transition to the ITF tour? We’ve got your answers.

Built for the Next-Generation of Players

Be Your Own Guru. Know The 7 Keys to Optimise Your Life.


Step by step towards a Top 10 ranking. Year by year over the 10 Year Playing Cycle. Onto the next decade of play with 20 Years of Play inside The Complete Collection. Start at Key 1 or advance to Key 5. It’s your call. You’re in control.


Key 1: the rules of what it takes and the road map interwoven from the beginning.


Key 2: functional movement parameters to establish technical patterns of play from inception.


Key 3: the coach-athlete recipe and the inclusion of the coach-parent relationship to navigate the road to the top.


Key 4 & 5: technical blueprints and how to integrate these into interchangeable parameters of play to stay ahead of the pack.


Key 6: defying the odds to establish replicated results with 1+ Grand Slam Championships because more is better than one.


Key 7: back to the beginning to reinforce and reestablish the fundamental criteria reiterated to automated to safeguard against injury throughout play.

Eradicate Injury

Learn the foundations through to the key ingredients coach education providers aren’t privy too. Learn how to stop injuries in their tracks. Learn how to build a career that has longevity on its side. Learn what it takes to achieve a Top 10 ranking from the very beginning as your body becomes conditioned to perform without external hinderance.

Pricing Plans

Choose 1 or Choose them all. We have a price point that delivers from AU$29.99 for individual texts or AU$99/Wk for Weekly Subscribers and a one time payment from AU$899 for a lifetime of play. Better than an Academy. More affordable than ever before. Endorsed and built by the World’s #1 real-world data-scientist and systematic to programmatic mind with an acclaimed hands-on approach to experience with a global footprint.

Weekly Subscriber Edition
  • A Weekly payment cycle and receive access to Dr. Berge’s Group ‘The Pack’ to interact with the next generation of players PLUS receive access to weekly Q & A’s AND monthly Video calls* with Dr. Berge as The Long Game and The Pathway lead you towards your Top 10 Tennis ranking.

  • For a Lifetime access of Play. Receive all eight texts that comprise of The Complete Collection in the palm of your hand as Downloads to read wherever and whenever you choose on your favourite digital device (i.e. iPhone to iPad).

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not only do we hand you the keys to your true potential, we guide you each step of the way. Built to last. Built to stay with you. Built with data driven results on your side. We stand by our research. We stand by you. The question is whether or not you’re in the race for the next-generation and the next standard of play.


Look inside each book courtesy of our partnership with Google Books to gauge our fit-for-purpose model and take the advantage.


Meet the World’s forerunner on Coach & Athlete performance, the inventor of The 7 Keys, the World’s leading scientist on the forehand groundstroke & the Graduate who built the new era of tennis to lead the pack and deliver a new systematic process.


At AM8 International we don’t just talk science, we breathe it & we stand by it. Courtesy of our rigorous data sets and scientific processes, there are no more excuses.


A look inside the Secrets that formulated the best tennis players in the World and the framework programmatically built to deliver the edge between Us and the followers.

We’re ready. Are you?

Start your journey to the top today.

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