Ruthless Authority

10 years of play, delivered. The Pathway is based on 20 Years of collective work by the World’s leading and most authoritative tennis expert, Dr B.

Transition of Play

10 years before, 10 years after. The transition that comes between. Inside ‘I am Your Tennis Coaching Guru‘ & its required knowledge is your Pathway to a Top 10 ranking now accessible through The Complete Collection.

Next-Generation Automation.

Each milestone met. Each parameter achieved. Each step systematised.


Take the Next Step in Your Playing Career. Learn the Secrets behind the best players in the world and their rate of success.


AM8 International knows what the Academy’s don’t because we’ve researched the best coaches and players in the world and fine tuned what it really takes to move into the Top 10.


We know what sets the best coaches a part. We know what sets the best players a part — from multiple Grand Slam Championships to players who struggle to forge into the Top 100 and the secret to a Top 10 ranking.

Data driven results and real world applications.

ATP & WTA Player Based. Player, Coach & Parent Ready.

The Next 10 Years of Play

20 Years of Play towards a Top 10 ranking. Junior to Amateur. Professional towards the Top 10. Grand Slam Championship success delivered in the palm of your hand.


Learning how to become one of the best tennis players and/or coaches in the world is inside the Collection.


Navigating the pathway to the top is now inside The Complete Collection no matter what stage you’re at on your quest to become an elite.


Learn the secrets of the Best in the World: Federer to Serena, Nadal to Halep, Djokovic to Osaka, Thiem to Kerber.

The Pathway

In-action driven. Real players. Real results. Real data on ATP and WTA tour players inside the Top 200, Top 100, Top 50, Top 20 and Top 10. The Complete Collection answers your call. The Pathway delivers the answers to your questions. Learn what separates each playing cohort. And learn how to transition from the Top 20 to the Top 10, or the Top 100 to the Top 50. We’ve built The Pathway for the next generation of players set to take on the Champions of today.

Key 1
Key 1
From AU$349.00 or less inside The Complete Collection
Key 2
Key 2
From AU$299.00 or less inside The Complete Collection
Key 3
Key 3
From AU$349.00 or less inside The Complete Collection
Key 4
Key 4
From AU$449.00 or less inside The Complete Collection
Key 5
Key 5
From AU$449.00 or less inside The Complete Collection
Key 6
Key 6
From AU$449.00 or less inside The Complete Collection
Key 7
Key 7
The toolkit towards & systematic to programmatic design that merges all Keys to deliver a Top 10 Ranking.
From AU$1,049.00 or less inside The Complete Collection

What’s your ranking?

From the developmental cycle to an ITF ranking. From a Junior Grand Slam Champion to a Top 100 ranking on the ATP or WTA tour. Or, from a Top 50 ranking through to a Top 10 ranking. We’ve built The Pathway to ascend your ranking at scale and deliver longevity on tour. Bonus? We keep injuries at bay courtesy of our technical framework that delivers the edge.

Pricing Plans

Choose 1 or Choose them all. We have a price point that delivers from AU$89/Wk (or a one time payment of AU$6,099 for a lifetime of play). Better than an Academy. More affordable than ever before. Endorsed and built by the World’s #1 real-world data-scientist and systematic to programmatic mind with an acclaimed hands-on approach to experience with a global footprint.


Exclusive access to Dr B’s Topicthread Group with Weekly Q & A’s.


The December 2020 release of “I am Your Tennis Coaching Guru” with the 10 Year Pathway revealed.


Receive ALL books inside both the What is Your Game Missing Series and the Secrets to Optimal Series included in The Complete Collection.


The Special Edition includes all hard copies and digital copies for a lifetime of use.
  • The exclusive Subscriber Edition that includes everything inside The Complete Collection Download Only Edition now made even more accessible with flexible payment options: weekly or monthly over a 24 Month payment cycle. Receive The 7 Keys throughout this cycle at the end of Months 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21 and 24 as The Long Game and The Pathway lead you towards your Top 10 Tennis ranking while accessing all Downloads on your favourite digital device (i.e. iPhone or iPad). Plus, all users receive access to the Exclusive ‘Pack’ Group with access to personal Q & A’s.
  • Lifetime access. All 7 Keys are made accessible inside the Download edition of The Complete Collection to access all files on your favourite digital device (i.e. iPhone to iPad). Plus, all customers receive access to the Exclusive Group with access to personal Q & A’s.

We’re ready. Are you?

Start your journey to the top today.