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towards a Top 10 WTA/ATP [TENNIS] Ranking

The Long Game was developed and designed to allow players a benchmark and/or ranking range as fundamental milestones to head towards a Top 10 tennis ranking to ensure they know where they stand and when. Not only does this allow coaches to ensure training programs are designed accordingly, but The Long Game also feeds into a player’s overall development from the initial 10 Years of Play towards the next. Cumulatively, that’s 20 Years of Play we’ve put together to help you reach the top of the tennis world in correlation with The Pathway.

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But How?

This is where it gets interesting. Due to the landmark findings of Dr Berge’s work, no coach education provider nor federation has access — globally. This means there is not a single coach worldwide who knows these fundamental steps in place.

However, there are a very small number of coaches who have been able to develop more than one player and for them to achieve a Top 10 ranking. This very small number of coaches has attributed to and feeds into our data. Which means, if they’re not your coach, you’re in luck! And even better, by following The Long Game and the work of AM8 International you’ll be safeguarding your body i.e. mitigating injuries, which is even more scarce across this very small cohort which does not include those who claim to know more for good reason. The truth prevails.

Due to privacy measures in place to conduct this groundbreaking research, our ethical bounds (per research protocols) protect all involved whilst Dr Berge remains the world’s leading authority. For those who claim to be otherwise, our question is simple: where is your data? With less than 8% (inside the Top 100) with these tools — and by no means concrete, and 20 cumulative rankings up for grabs on the WTA and ATP tours, that Top 10 tennis ranking remains as elusive as ever with a simple twist. Even more? Olympic implications are one of many success-outcomes of our PoW (Proof of Work).

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The Differential

By design it has never been about preventing access to the Top 10, rather it is the complete opposite. Therein is the twist with the answers now available — the data dispersed throughout our Books, to allow each and every player a fighting chance to join the 8% without being left at a disadvantage — the differential.

We’re evening out the playing field. And after 20 years of collective analyses, 12 years of ongoing predictive analytics that have uncovered the likes of Swiatek to Sinner — before their maiden Championship wins, this just touches the surface of what our data has done, where it has been, and where it is going with the capacity to take you to the Top 10 over and over again.

With a unique formula that remains 100% backed by science, it’s the PoW (Proof of Work) and PoC (Proof of Concept) that has rigorously been cross-checked and the results continue to show how our data delivers the new edge for the next generation of play. As a bonus, Dr Berge built The Long Game as a pacer in sync with The Pathway, the 7 Keys and the 8th Key to afford each and every player and coach to work better — together, towards a Top 10 tennis ranking.

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More than Tennis. More than a single player. A New Benchmark for the Elite.

Accessibility and Affordability is now the name of the game. An even playing field. 8 Keys to grasp and integrate into your game over that 1st decade of Play to deliver the ultimate edge as you enter into your 2nd decade of Play.

We’re taking on the Academy’s. We’re taking on the Federations. We’re taking on the fabricators. Where money goes further. Where money is weighted and less than a standard lesson. Place your future in The Long Game.

Landmark Discovery.

From >5,000 NEW data inferences in each of Dr Berge’s books & >150,000 as the baseline. That’s REAL results, from REAL players, by the world’s leading scientist on the forehand groundstroke AND the scientist behind the landmark discovery of how to develop a Top 10 ranking. Designed to be affordable. Built to be accessible. By design, you’re now in the running to join the next generation of play with PoW on your side.

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Save & Play Courtesy of The Long Game

An elite tennis pathway has never been more affordable or accessible. Build your foundations your way — with your coach, at your local Academy and/or Club or at home. You choose what works for you. And AM8 International will be with you each step of the way.

Become a Subscriber to interact with peers virtually and for sessions with Dr Berge weekly to keep you on track per The Long Game and The Pathway as that Top 10 tennis ranking is brought to life whilst your playing career is elongated with fundamental technical optimisers. As a bonus, save upwards of AU$391,021.00 in the process.

*Based on 1) a 40 Week annual Calendar cycle over the 10 Year playing cycle, 2) monthly payments, 3) a relative introductory price of comparative academy’s around the world, 4) the upfront payment ‘broken down’ against these ‘introductory’ prices, plus the Weekly Subscriber is based on a continued weekly payment cycle opposed to a 10 Year breakdown, 5) Combined is based on The Complete Collection Download Only Edition and the Premium Weekly Subscriber option on a rolling basis. *Based on cumulative scientific evidence of the best players in the world.
Direct extract from “I am Your Tennis Coaching Guru” (Berge, 2020b)

Introducing the Markers of 
The Long Game

Pacers in place to act as a guide as The Long Game falls into place. Be prepared for the long haul. Be prepared for the climb. An ascension awaits from Top 750 towards the Top 50 and beyond. These markers are primarily set inside your 2nd decade of play. Still in your first decade of play? No worries. The Pathway will guide you up until you reach this point and then it’ll turn it up a notch as your level reaches a new baseline to coincide with these ranking ranges.

Still note sure? That’s okay, too. Read our Blogs to get a feel for what’s to come. Listen to our Podcast — Beyond Top 10 Tennis to really learn about the data with direct implications for active players. Whether you dive into The Complete Collection or opt to purchase one Book as a time, the choice is yours. At the end of the day, the resources are right here to guide you towards that Top 10 tennis ranking and AM8 International is designed as your home away from home with the toolkit to get you closer towards the Top 10 and achieve Grand Slam success.

*Typically this is a maximum timeframe with players progressing much sooner as denoted by players on the WTA/ATP tour. However, it is possible to achieve a Top 10 to Top 5 ranking inside these age ranges and it’s fundamental to take into account key metrics and progressions. These timeframes may fluctuate and vary, however, typically it can be expected to be shortened if a player adheres to all 8 Keys and that they remain solidified in their game.
Direct Extract from I am Your Tennis Coaching Guru (Berge, 2020b)

The World’s 1st 10 Year Pathway

100% real results based on real players & coaches on the WTA & ATP tours. From start to finish, The Complete Collection guides all tennis players, coaches, and parents alike on the journey to the top — now includingI am Your Tennis Coaching Guru” with its 10 Year Pathway. Learn how to achieve Replicated Success: more than ONE Grand Slam Championship title. Learn how to avoid injury. Learn how to cross the threshold into the Top 10 and stay — for more than a season. We now know the answers plus so much more. Read at your pace. Read in your order for your skillset. Interact on Topicthread. AM8 International is with you, each step of the way.

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The 5 Differentials:
2011 — 2024

Over 13 Years of unrelenting analysis to investigation, the research continues to deliver. From a developmental tennis coach to touring with national players and beyond, a stellar high performance career was just the beginning. With the highest tennis coaching qualification available, the answers were still an unknown.

And that’s one of many reasons why this work was necessary — to uncover what was yet to be found, until now. AM8 International was founded for this very reason by Dr Berge herself to give players, coaches and parents a Tennis Lab they could rely on and trust to get them towards the pinnacle of play.

Differential #1

Learn to Train with Purpose. Based on real players on the WTA and ATP tours inside the top 100 with emphasis on players inside the Top 10. Scientifically proven to enter the Top 10. The first Guide of its kind to be unveiled for ALL players, coaches, athletes and parents to read and follow towards the top from Start: as an amateur athlete, to Finish: a Top 10 ranking.

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Psychology Sessions

Differential #2

We use Tennis as the primary sport that influences varied Olympic sports from Baseball, Basketball to Soccer — helping players and coaches become the best they can be, with science on their side — not merely opinion. This means our benchmarks are set for tennis, but our principles are cross-transferrable to a multitude of sports.

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Differential #3

AM8 International is the exclusive global publisher of the historical & landmark findings to hit the tennis world. Our titles harness for the very first time the scientific truth that contributes to and builds an elite tennis player and elite tennis coach with a scientific standing to achieve a Top 10 tennis ranking.

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Differential #4

Our selection not only extrapolates science in performance, but is committed to delivering and sharing these landmark scientific findings in plain sight for players, coaches and parents alike to read — including, but not limited to, injury prevention in elite and adolescent athletes, the key technical parameters that protect you from sustaining a career-ending injury and the 8 Keys that afford a Top 10 ranking now — for active WTA/ATP players, and in the years to come for the next generation of play.

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3d Missing, to Win Hard Copy B

Differential #5

Our Tennis Lab delivers the Edge. AM8 International delivers the Advantage. It’s your move. Your choice. Don’t wait…your opponents aren’t. It’s up to you who’ll get their first and claim their maiden Slam to a Top 10 ranking.  We’re with you, from junior development to amateur athlete, from a ranking of 900 to a ranking inside the Top 200 and all the way to the Top 10.  AM8 International is here. And we’re here for The Long Game.

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Where’s your data?

With >150,000 inferences, AM8 International is the exclusive global home to science in performance that goes Beyond Top 10 Tennis Rankings.

The Complete Collection

Built to accomodate The Long Game and to guide you along The Pathway whilst learning the 7 Keys whilst steadily integrating the 8th Key, The Complete Collection is the new benchmark for a Top 10 tennis ranking.

The 7 Keys form the fundamental steps to achieve a Top 10 tennis ranking whilst the 8th Key amplifies a player’s performance to deliver that 8% advantage. Courtesy of our Tennis Lab, The Complete Collection houses 10 x Books that are prerequisites to develop a Top 10 tennis ranking — irrespective your current ability and/or ranking.

With the data & results to prove it, the real question is if you be our next Champion or remain in the 92% who do not know what the 8% do? Designed for all, The Complete Collection is a comprehensive and robust toolkit that progressively provides fundamental knowledge — predetermined steps to facets of play, for players and coaches alike, to build the ultimate player of the new generation.

With our data spanning the likes of Serena, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic to the newer generation — Swiatek, Alcaraz, Sinner, Gauf, Sabalenka to Medvedev, we’ve been able to pinpoint all of these players prior to their maiden Grand Slam Championship titlebefore they lifted the trophy. Now that’s something to get excited about.

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