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AM8 International
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AM8 International
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AM8 International (combined)
1 Week$1,500$1,499$399$1,898
1 Month$6,000$1,499$1,596$3,095
1 Year$60,000$1,499$20,748$22,247
10 Years$600,000$1,499$207,480$208,979
Injury RiskHighLow to Null*Low to Null*Low to Null*
Top 10 Chancesless than 10%more than 10%*more than 10%*more than 10%*
Based on 1) a 40 Week annual Calendar cycle over the 10 Year playing cycle, 2) monthly payments, 3) a relative introductory price of comparative academy’s around the world, 4) the upfront payment ‘broken down’ against these ‘introductory’ prices, plus the Weekly Subscriber is based on a continued weekly payment cycle opposed to a 10 Year breakdown, 5) Combined is based on the Complete Collection Download Only edition and the Weekly Subscriber option on a rolling basis. *Based on cumulative scientific evidence of the best players in the world.
10 Years

Introducing the Markers of
The Long Game

Current WTA or ATP RankingExpected WTA or ATP RankingTimeframe (Years)Age Range
Top 10Top 5118 to 38
Top 20Top 101-1.518 to 36
Top 50Top 201.5-218 to 34
Top 100Top 501.5-218 to 32
Top 200Top 1001.5-218 to 30
Top 500Top 2002-2.518 to 28
Top 750Top 5002-2.518 to 26
Top 1000Top 7502-318 to 24
Direct Extract from I am Your Tennis Coaching Guru

100% real results based on real players & coaches on the WTA & ATP tours.

The World’s 1st 10 Year Pathway

The 5 Differentials

From start to finish, The Complete Collection guides all TENNIS players, coaches, and parents alike on the journey to the top. Learn how to achieve Replicated Success: more than ONE Grand Slam Championship title. Learn how to avoid injury. Learn how to cross the threshold into the Top 10 and stay — for more than a season. We now know the answers plus so much more. Read at your pace. Read in your order for your skillset. Interact on Topicthread. We’re now with you, each step of the way.


Learn to Train with Purpose. Based on real players on the WTA and ATP tours inside the top 100 with emphasis on players inside the Top 10. Scientifically proven to enter the Top 10. The first Guide of its kind to be unveiled for ALL players, coaches, athletes and parents to read and follow towards the top from Start: as an amateur athlete, to Finish: a Top 10 ranking.


We use Tennis as the primary sport that influences varied Olympic sports from Baseball, Basketball to Soccer — helping players and coaches become the best they can be, with science on their side — not merely opinion.


AM8 International is the exclusive global publisher of the historical & landmark findings to hit the sporting world, specifically in tennis. Our titles harness for the very first time the scientific truth that contributes to and builds an elite player and coach.


Our selection not only extrapolates science in performance, but is committed to delivering and sharing these landmark scientific findings in plain sight for players, coaches and parents alike to read — including, but not limited to, injury prevention in elite and adolescent athletes, the key technical parameters that protect you from sustaining a career-ending injury and the Secrets that really do afford a Top 10 ranking now and in the years to come.


We deliver the Edge. We deliver the Advantage. It’s your move. Your choice. Don’t wait…your opponents aren’t. It’s up to you who’ll get their first and claim their maiden Slam and Top 10 ranking.  We’re with you, from junior development to amateur athlete, from a ranking of 900 to a ranking inside the Top 200 all the way to the Top 10.  We’re here. And we’re here for The Long Game.

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Key 5
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Key 6
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Key 4
Key 4
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Key 5
Key 5
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Key 6
Key 6
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With >150,000 inferences, AM8 International is the exclusive global home to science in performance.

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