Hi! Welcome to AM8 International, a dynamic Tennis Lab I designed to cater for Tennis Players, Coaches & Parents who aspire to achieve a Top 10 Tennis Ranking and achieve Grand Slam Success — a first of its kind worldwide that remains 100% backed by Science.

If you’re new, there’s quite a bit to share off the bat to get started. If you’ve been visiting us for some time now, we both know why that’s the case and that Top 10 Tennis Ranking is moving closer with each and every integration — Dr. B

Our Tennis Lab…like never before

To get started, have a browse! There is a lot to cover, 12 Books — 11 of those explicitly built to nudge you closer towards that Top 10 Tennis Ranking. Our Tennis Lab works behind the scenes tirelessly, steered by Dr Berge to build these resources especially for you. For an inside glance, head on over to The Pathway to learn about the steps in place to progress towards the Top of the WTA and/or ATP tour — like never before. The same goes for The Long Game and our 10 Years of Play. Most importantly will be the 7 Keys that has been expanded now to include the 8th Key from our newest release: ‘How to Develop a Top 10 Tennis Ranking‘.




What do we do?

Hi! Thank you for stopping by. We have a wealth of information available at AM8 International and would encourage you to have a look around, better grasp The Pathway to The Long Game and how we can help you on your road towards a Top 10 Tennis Ranking.

Steered by the groundbreaking work of Dr Berge that uncovered a World First that remains 100% backed by Science, AM8 International provides the ‘toolkit’ to get you to the Top of the WTA and/or ATP tour.

The exclusive worldwide provider of resources for Tennis Players, Coaches & Parents with the aspiration of achieving a Top 10 Tennis Ranking, AM8 International is a dual Tennis Lab + Publishing House for the Tennis World that exclusively houses the work of Dr Berge and as shared on our Beyond Top 10 Tennis Podcast.

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How are we Different?

No Academy or Federation worldwide has access to the latest research that underpins explicitly How to Develop a Top 10 Tennis Ranking. Why? Dr Berge wanted to ensure affordability + accessibility for all, two primary pillars we stand by at AM8 International.

AM8 International places the spotlight on the science that has amassed >150,000 data points on both WTA and ATP tours over >12 years that includes landmark findings from Top 10 Tennis Rankings, Grand Slam Success, NEW Data Analytics for WTA/ATP Players and Coaches plus much more.

We provide the ‘learning tools’ (a.k.a Books) to remain as a constant Academy and/or Tour side-kick as our resources are designed to work with your current team (i.e. player/coach, player/academy, player/parent dynamic).

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3d Science ALL

Fact #1

We are Home to the World’s Leading Scientist behind How to Develop a Top 10 Tennis Ranking.

What More?

That’s where we come in. Not only is our work centred around player development and progression towards a Top 10 tennis ranking, we’re centred on technical application. Through systematic analyses and biomechanical investigations, we’ve been able to fine tune NEW technical adaptations to optimise your game whilst mitigating the risk of injuries.

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Don’t want to wait?

If you haven’t done so already, jump on over to our Podcast — Beyond Top 10 Tennis. Available on Spotify Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, YouTube Podcasts and more, Beyond Top 10 Tennis is hosted by Dr Berge and dives into one of her Books each episode (in our initial 50-60) to share additional insights with our most recent Episodes (60-65 onwards) taking a deep-dive into current WTA and ATP events and player progressions in ‘real-time’ with our scientific underpinnings and ‘real-life’ data highlighted.

Another touchpoint would of course be our Blogs that Dr Berge endeavour to share when time permits. With an already impressive catalogue to date with 80+ articles, you’re sure to find something new! Want a sneak peak? Simply scroll a little further and you’ll see our most recent Episode notes to dive right into and some of our more recent Blogs in the side bar.

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Fact #2

Dr Berge is also the World’s Leading Authority on the Forehand Groundstroke that has since extended to the Backhand Groundstroke and other components in a tennis players game.

Why Us?

Remember Swiatek before she won her maiden Grand Slam? We do. Our predictive analytics named her to Win her maiden Grand Slam and within a season this was a reality. Osaka? That’s us as well before she went on to Win her second Grand Slam and more. Rybakina. Yup. How about Medvedev. That’s us, too. Thiem? Yup. And more recently, Sabalenka and Sinner — that’s our work in action.

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What’s Next?

That’s where we come in. Not only is our work centred around player development and progression towards a Top 10 tennis ranking, we’re centred on technical application. Through systematic analyses and biomechanical investigations, we’ve been able to fine tune NEW technical adaptations to optimise your game whilst mitigating the risk of injuries.

Fact #3

When it comes to Coaching, Dr Berge is arguably the highest qualified coach worldwide. Not only does she hold the Highest Coaching Accreditation that is attainable, this is complemented by a Masters in Sports Coaching and a Doctorate (PhD) that scientifically established a Universal Coach Education void that is now delivered through AM8 International, a NEW technique for tennis players that mitigates injuries and is correlated with Grand Slam success, in addition to How to Develop a Top 10 Tennis Ranking.

Top 10 Exclusive?

No. Our Tennis Lab welcomes everyone, no matter your current level or ranking. The sole prerequisite is your aspiration to develop a Top 10 tennis ranking. This also depends on your stage of the 10 Year Pathway and how you’re tracking on The Long Game. The best part? By integrating our key technical parameters and advancing through the knowledge-curve, your rate of success is compounded and surpasses those without access to the 7 Keys and the newer 8th Key.

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What does that mean?

Quite simply, the probability of achieving a Top 10 tennis ranking is heightened and supersedes that of any other standing. Our Tennis Lab is that advanced with the leading edge of [NEW] tennis data that our Books empower players and coaches alike to stay The Pathway towards the top 8%.

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What if I already am inside the Top 10?

This is where the fun really begins. Grand Slam Championships are now the name of the game. And that’s where our heightened analytics come into play through our Elite Performance sessions. Dr Berge will exclusively work with you, periodically, to better grasp the key concepts and principles to achieve a new level of automation that aligns with replicated success — more than one Grand Slam Championship title.

What about my current Academy/Club?

We’re in it together. That means no matter if you’re at an Academy, have your own private Coach or your Parent is your primary Coach, it doesn’t matter. Whatever your current setup, AM8 International works with you. And that’s fundamental. How? Our Books are designed for Players and Coaches alike. Whether collaboratively or separately, you have the choice. What’s important is that you have and/or maintain a structured schedule to integrate these tools and learnings into your game — progressively.

What if it’s just me? Believe it or not, there’s no right or wrong. That’s what our Podcast and Blogs are for, to help nudge you and guide you. And if you need that extra helping hand, we have exclusive Subscriptions that give limited access to Dr. B’s Pack as well as limited Elite Performance sessions for explicit and concise biomechanical analyses that pinpoint and deliver key working metrics to integrate into your game — delivering an extra edge.

Fact #4

92% of WTA and ATP tour players and coaches do not know the 8 Keys. What are the 8 Keys you ask? My most recent Book to be released “How to Develop a Top 10 Tennis Ranking: the Power of the 8th Key” builds upon the 7 Keys as subsets, of how to narrow down the myriad of ‘requirements’ necessary to reach the pinnacle of play and delivers them to you. It’s pretty mind-blowing. Even more? Only 8% of WTA and ATP tour players know the 8 Keys. Even better, 2% of Top 10 players every season will be replaced. In other words, they will not hold onto their Top 10 ranking due to these 8 Keys not being solidified in their game. And you can learn them right here at AM8 International.

Ready? With limited places available, our Tennis Lab is home to Dr B’s Pack (for real, with animals displayed for varying levels). You’re eligible to Subscribe if you’re looking for that edge to push your game that much further. Whilst there are no age limits and/or ranking prerequisites, we encourage players who are already familiar with the work of the Tennis Lab — having read at least a one to two of our Books to begin that will ensure you can keep pace with the ‘Pack’ as the next generation of play is delivered.

Start your journey to the top, today.

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