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Powering Performance through Technology and Tennis

Tennis now at your fingertips. Begin building the foundations of The Long Game. Commence The 10 Year Cycle of The Pathway with the end-point of a Top 10 ranking. Learn the 7 Keys to Grand Slam Championship success with our exclusive Mobile friendly Downloads and Hard copies.

Now for as little as $29.99 for The 7 Keys or AU$99/Week to join the next generation of play and embark on a Top 10 ranking with Dr B’s ‘Pack’ in the comfort of your own home. Join the Pack. Train at home. Your Guide to join the Top 10, delivered. Your time to start, is now.


Performance, Empowered

Leveraging Data that continues to Deliver the Next Top 10 Tennis Player

Introducing a new era of Tennis

Top 10 rankings delivered with a new era of player centric design and coach systematic response at your fingertips and now receive our digital books in the palm of your hand.

Next-Generation design delivered.
Enter The Complete Collection

Start your journey to the Top of the World rankings by following the Next-Gen keys that take a Player from inception to the Top of the WTA and/or ATP tour rankings. The Complete Collection delivers. That’s 7 Books with the 7 Keys and the Secrets Previewed with real results and real records — broken. As a BONUS, The Complete Collection now includes The 7 Keys to Optimise Your Life to join the 1% no matter where the road takes you!

Explore the 10 Year Cycle towards 20 Years of Play delivered in and by The Complete Collection. That’s a new module of interactive learning design infused into your periodic calendar.

Designed to inspire and built to deliver Top 10 rankings on the WTA and/or ATP tours with The 7 Keys scientifically verified and set on the likes of Nadal to Federer, Kerber to Halep, and Osaka to Djokovic.

Infused by the Secrets of players and coaches privy to replicated success, The Complete Collection answers what’s others cannot. It’s a new era of play and The Complete Collection delivers the edge.

We’ve done it before, we’ll do it again.

It’s Your Race

Main Features

7 Books plus The 7 Keys to Optimise Your Life as a BONUS (now 8 Books in total) designed at-the-ready for 20 Years of Play and endorsed by 20 Years of scientific research. That’s 150,000+ results and 500,000+ words simplified and refined in a Collection capsule ready to be unleashed. A lifetime of answers now in the palm of your hands. Digital copies for on-the-go training and/or hard copies for quick and accessible ease available.


The building blocks at inception and the roadmap throughout adolescence.


Introducing the differential between the Top 10 to the Top 20 and the Top 50 to the Top 100 and beyond.


Fundamental nutrition and training methods simplified to establish a wellbeing model.


How to really Win and achieve replicated success whilst leading the pack.


Methods of optimisation to warning signals towards transitions of play for longevity.


A complete planner to lessons design over 10 Years of Play to a Top 10 ranking without the noise.

The 7 Keys

The Complete Collection is knocking at your door. A money back guarantee that is absurd as it sounds. We’ve cracked the code. The Team behind AM8 International is that good. And we’ve got the data & results to prove it. Will you be our next Champion? Now with the BONUS addition of The 7 Keys to Optimise Your Life.

Key 1
Key 1
From AU$69.00 or less inside The Complete Collection
Key 2
Key 2
From AU$69.00 or less inside The Complete Collection
Key 3
Key 3
From AU$69.00 or less inside The Complete Collection
Key 4
Key 4
From AU$79.00 or less inside The Complete Collection
Key 5
Key 5
From AU$79.00 or less inside The Complete Collection
Key 6
Key 6
From AU$79.00 or less inside The Complete Collection
Key 7
Key 7
From AU$449.00 or less inside The Complete Collection
From AU$29.99 or less inside The Complete Collection

What’s your excuse?

Start from inception or begin on the cusp of the Top 10. No more injuries. A pedagogical infused method of practice that delivers Top 10 rankings. We leave the rest in their wake. Become a game changer before the tides change. Championships await.

Pricing Plans

Choose 1 or Choose them all. We have a price point that delivers from AU$29.99 for individual texts or AU$99/Wk for Weekly Subscribers and a one time payment from AU$899 for a lifetime of play. Better than an Academy. More affordable than ever before. Endorsed and built by the World’s #1 real-world data-scientist and systematic to programmatic mind with an acclaimed hands-on approach to experience with a global footprint.

  • A Weekly payment cycle and receive access to Dr. Berge’s Group ‘The Pack’ to interact with the next generation of players PLUS receive access to weekly Q & A’s AND monthly Video calls* with Dr. Berge as The Long Game and The Pathway lead you towards your Top 10 Tennis ranking.
  • For a Lifetime access of Play. Receive all eight texts that comprise of The Complete Collection in the palm of your hand as Downloads to read wherever and whenever you choose on your favourite digital device (i.e. iPhone to iPad).


More than ever before. More than you can imagine. At AM8 International, we’ve got your back and we’ve built the new era of player & coach centric design that becoming an elite tennis player has never been more accessible, affordable or achievable.


Look inside each book courtesy of our partnership with Google Books to gauge our fit-for-purpose model and take the advantage.


Meet the World’s forerunner on Coach & Athlete performance, the inventor of The 7 Keys, the World’s leading scientist on the forehand groundstroke & the Graduate who built the new era of tennis to lead the pack and deliver a new systematic process.


At AM8 International we don’t just talk science, we breathe it & we stand by it. Courtesy of our rigorous data sets and scientific processes, there are no more excuses.


A look inside the Secrets that formulated the best tennis players in the World and the framework programmatically built to deliver the edge between Us and the followers.

We’re ready. Are you?

Start your journey to the top today.

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