Do you have a problem that needs to be solved? A business concept brought to life? A plan that you need to build and put into action? That’s where I come in. To help you.


Independent Advisory / Consultation Access

Do you have a Project and/or Business Prospect and/or Concept you’re in need of help to bring to life?

As an established CEO of over 12 years, I have built AM8 International from the ground up. What you see is what I have personally built. That’s full scale development. From recruiting across the globe, building roadmaps upwards of $300M to PR and marketing concepts, I’ve had my hand on the pulse — full spectrum. I’ve helped Startup founders navigate the business maze. From business plans to market research, key planning to contractual negotiations. I’ve been there. To learn more, head on over to LinkedIn (access at the bottom of the page and head to /dr8erge).

For an Initial Consultation, this is where to book. I will get back to you with a confirmed Day and Time. For ongoing Independent Advisory services, you will need to book ahead with predetermined fees organised in advance. Once payment has been confirmed initial appointments and/or advisory services will commence. All payments will be made available here and you will receive an updated fee structure prior.

For larger bodies of work, from website development to management, detailed business plans (that require your collaboration), fees will differ. It is important to note that as an Independent Advisor, I will come on board to help you — together. I am here to help — as a part of your team, whether that is large and complex, or just at the beginning. This is not a standalone service i.e. without you. I believe anything good comes from collaboration which means your ideas matter and I’ll come along for the ride to help build out how to piece it all together.

I solve problems. It’s what I do. Whether that means uncovering how to develop a Top 10 tennis ranking, building a Startup set on data privacy or as Chairperson of a NFP addressing key governance issues and more.

Please complete the form below. You will need to come back to finalise payment (i.e. they’re submitted separately)

Once payment has been confirmed I will personally get back to you via email and/or phone to move forward. All prices are per 45 minute intervals.

— Dr Ashley M Berge