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To get to the top, you need to start by developing the fundamentals that will stick with you throughout your career to avoid being sidelined or overtaken by your competitors. This will get you there. This will give you the answers. The Secrets to Optimal Series is a must for the serious player, athlete, parent and coach who won’t take no for an answer.

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A compilation of how to optimise your performance as a developmental to amateur athlete with the aspiration of progressing towards the elite ranks, the Secrets to Optimal Series delivers the hard-hitting truth players, athletes and parents need to know, along with the coaches who aspire to be a part of their journey. Layout down the truth of what it takes in sport from an athlete, parents and coach perspective, this variant view brings together the whole team to play their part. This includes for both the parents and coaches the Wellbeing text to form better behaviours and help their child and/or player/athlete reach the elite ranks. If you’re a parent wanting to know the truth behind sports coaching and how to get your child towards the elite ranks, this is your starting point. If you’re an athlete or player that wants the answers to know what you need to do, these are must reads. And if you’re a coach wanting to follow a new road to get your player or athlete to the top and can take the hard truths and learn from them, then this is your chance to reclaim your coaching expertise.

Book 1: The Secrets to Optimal Performance Success

The coaching community is filled with an assortment of coaches, players and parents of varied experiences, levels and exposures to best practices. The Secrets to Optimal Performance Success is here to unravel the maze between the developmental player and the elite, and to discuss what separates the good from the great. What is holding back coaches from developing the elite is answered, whilst what is holding back developmental players from taking the next step towards elite status becomes evident throughout.

The role of the parent and their integral role in player development and their journey towards optimal performance outcomes plays an important role in the discussions on how these three: coaches, players and parents contribute towards optimal performance success. Presented is a discussion for all involved in the sports coaching community, irrespective of where you or your player is on the developmental scale, allowing you to finally access The Secrets to Optimal Performance Success – as a coach, as a player, and as a parent.

Initial Publication: March, 2016

Latest Edition: May, 2022

Book 2: The Secrets to Optimal Wellbeing

Your optimal wellbeing comes down to two things – how much energy you need to function, and what type of energy allows you to function at this level. It’s that simple. Balance is something highly sought yet rarely attained for good reason: nutrition that works for you, and fitness that works with you. The Secrets to Optimal Wellbeing gives you a 12 Week Guide and a map for the future. You will learn to create your own recipes whilst being given the foundations that will Guide you through the next 12 Week’s towards gut restoration and rejuvenation.

Attaining balance starts with your gut and getting your metabolism on your side. To grab hold of the body and health you have always desired, the 12 Week Guide gives you – straight into the palm of your hands – fitness from home, or wherever your life may take you. No more memberships. The Secrets to Optimal Wellbeing is your membership for keeping ahold of your renewed lifestyle – for good. Nutrition that encourages freedom, and fitness that is all about function: movement that works with you and your body, affording longevity in optimal wellbeing. After all, choosing happiness is key.

Initial Publication: October, 2016

Latest Edition: May, 2022

Book 3: The Secrets to Optimal Coaching Success

The role of the sciences in sport, as a whole, has been disputed up until now, and its indirect proponents tied to performance optimisation. This is no more. The Secrets to Optimal Coaching Success brings forward the sciences as a whole and presents a cohesion of the often complex presented jargon into a simplified and refined format for the real-world, with coaches, players/athletes and parents at the forefront. Near refuted up until now, the diversification of the optimal performance spectrum begins to shed light on the facets that truly count in developing optimal performance parameters.

The habitual characteristics of optimal coaching success is identified through the text, embedded inside each respective segment, a direct result of the latest scientific findings in the real-world. With established, and heightened significance to the sports coaching world, The Secrets to Optimal Coaching Success begins to unravel the road ahead and the expectations on the line to reach optimal success. Tied with direct and indirect relationships presented, and various coaching pedagogic traits, the secrets are progressively discussed with application and function at its core.

Initial Publication: March, 2018

Latest Edition: May, 2022

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