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Continued Learning: how do coaches continue to learn after they have become a coach?

Continued learning and how coaches learn

Oftentimes overlooked or misperceived, the scope of coach education is so much greater than common perceptions. Whilst coaching accreditations exist, it is seldom thought to dig a little deeper to see ‘how much’ you can get with the right partnership or coach-athlete relationship. On one hand, it may ‘just’ be the accreditation — if you’re coaching, this is your bare minimum standard. But this can be coupled with so much more, beginning with an undergraduate degree in a designated area to complement this learning dynamic. And if you’d like to get serious — a Masters will get you towards that next peak level. Although, if you’re really lucky, a PhD will kick that end goal depending on the field of specialisation (that’s a big one, not to be mistaken for a non-specific domain).

It is often mistaken that a Medical Doctor is a “doctor” and a PhD is an academic qualification opposed to “doctor”. The irony here is that in Australia it is often misperceived and mistaken. That is, those with the PhD are oftentimes the ones responsible for educating those doing their undergraduate ‘medical degree’. A PhD takes a minimum of 10 years of specialisation whilst a medical degree is that 3-4 year initial pathway and that is without a specialisation. Whilst these do most often happen later along the road, their 10 years is yet to be done. So next time you see that PhD, they are in fact not only the ‘doctor’ in their own right, but when it comes to knowledge and education — they’re the absolute POWERHOUSE. After all, they’re the ones researching to educating to finding new marvels of the world with rigorous scientific protocols followed to unleash a new contribution to the world, to our growing literature and push the world forward as the ‘frontiers’ of education that ‘other doctors’ are reliant upon. Whilst medical doctors work with the public to solve ailments to an assortment of health issues — oftentimes they work in teams and together…

…whereas a PhD is oftentimes the standing expert in their field, and for some, the global expert in their niche which can seldom be said to other ‘doctors’ worldwide.

Although that isn’t what this is about. This is about removing the misconception and setting is straight. There are certificates to accreditations, and then there is the next level — YEARS of education to get towards an undergraduate degree to begin opposed to weeks to months to maybe a year for these certifications or accreditations. So if you hold education in high esteem, continued learning is essential for building more robust frameworks along with building sport up even stronger and sturdier before, leveraging both science and education to build the athletes of the future courtesy of a coaching base that really knows how to leverage their skillset. Ouch!

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