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The Official Wrap of the WTA & ATP Tour: Charleston, Zurich to Houston plus Monte Carlo and Top 100 Rankings

This is episode 81 of Beyond Top 10 Tennis as we share new correlations between WTA tour rankings and results to begin before crossing over to the ATP tour and diving into the respective relationships with emphasis on the Top 100 players — collectively. Emphasis is placed on both WTA & ATP ⁠Top 10⁠ rankings before the results of the past week unfold — first on the WTA tour: Charleston, Zurich (Columbia) & Spain, then second on the ATP tour: Houston, Hassan (Morocco), Estoril before the early rounds of Monte Carlo wrap up today’s episode. Standout performers include Collins, Osorio, Berrettini to Hurkacz and Shelton with additional newcomers to note per ⁠key⁠ ranking progressions coupled with WTA and ATP player regressions and how to either reach that ⁠new peak performance ⁠and/or establish that next baseline of play to navigate that ⁠performance⁠ lull.

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