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The Official Weekly Breakdown of WTA & ATP Rankings, Monte Carlo, BJK Cup, Porsche Grand Prix to Barcelona

This is episode 82 of Beyond Top 10 Tennis with key WTA Ranking implications dived into before this week’s key events — including the Billie Jean King Cup Qualifiers and some standout performances that include the likes of Radacanu and Osaka. This is followed by the initial rounds of Rouen (France) and the Porsche Grand Prix (Germany) before Oeiras (Portugal) wraps up the past week’s action on the WTA tour. The ATP tour is then dived into with a number of Ranking movers the past week in contrast to the WTA tour courtesy of Monte Carlo and the number of points on the line. Monte Carlo leads the way with ⁠key performance⁠ implications before this week’s events are touched on with the earlier rounds under way — from Barcelona with Nadal back in action, the BMW Open in Munich (Germany), before the Tiriac Open (Romania) wraps up today’s episode. Lastly, emphasis is placed on the ⁠7 Keys⁠, the role of the ⁠8th Key⁠ and the trajectory towards a Top 10 tennis ranking that is shared on ⁠AM8 International⁠ and the respective ⁠Pathway⁠.

Tune in to Beyond Top 10 Tennis and jump to Episode #82 to learn more.