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Discrete and Serial Skills: Restoring & Re-learning Movement in Tennis Players

Have you ever wondered why players who embark on achieving Championship success in the Junior ranks scarcely achieve the same results on the WTA and/or ATP tours? If the same Pathway is followed from the Junior ranks to the Senior ranks, the Grand Slam results would arguably be the same, however, this is rarely the case. The players who are fortunate enough to ‘win’ Junior Grand Slam Championships are seldom the ones to achieve this status once they’ve joined their respective tour. The irony here is that those who do not peak as soon or achieve ‘as much’ in their earlier years, are more often than not the ones who progress more steadily opposed to being ‘stuck’ at a certain level and inside a specific ranking range i.e. a plateau inside the Top 100 but higher than the Top 80.

The notion of learning and the need to re-learn is often overlooked as a progression opposed to a regression of a pre-conditioned movement that leaves the player/athlete vulnerable to developing an injury and/or simply not being capable of progressing towards that next level of play due to the ‘hinderance’ of their current technical parameters. To overcome this mishap, coaches and players alike are in need of The 7 Keys to Optimise Your Life that outlines the ‘7 Keys’ specifically that are responsible for developing a Top 10 tennis ranking. These keys not merely better prepare the coach and player to avoid these mishaps, but rather prepare the player for The Long Game.

By affording a player a better and more informed learning to conditioning process, equips them from the get-go for long term success and optimal performances opposed to regressing periodically to correct poor technical proponents of their game.

It remains the coaches responsibility and parents’ alike to up-skill and be prepared for The Pathway to ensure that the player/athlete is learning the key skills of tennis in a way that aligns with core coaching principles to practices that also go beyond the scope of current coach education frameworks — including those of federations. This clearly begs the question, why? Simply put, these ‘keys’ are exclusive to AM8 International for good reason — to ensure all coaches, players and parents alike have access to the latest research, data to performance metrics in a simplified and practical way opposed to being closed off from this level of information and education. Not only does this even the playing field for all, it removes social to geological barriers that otherwise would prevent coaches, parents to players from accessing this key knowledge to ensure if you’re looking towards heading towards a Top 10 tennis ranking — access is available for all to leverage and take the advantage.

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