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Special Edition: 2024 French Open Day 1 PLUS the latest Official WTA & ATP [TENNIS] Rankings & Results

This is episode 88 of ⁠Beyond Top 10 Tennis⁠ as we come LIVE to you from ⁠AM8 International⁠ with our very first AUDIO + VIDEO Episode available. With ‘8’ in our namesake, this is a SPECIAL dual episode that wraps up the past week on the WTA & ATP tour, including the Grand Prix and Stearns’ maiden title, Strasbourg with Keys taking the ⁠win⁠ over Collins plus Collins’ ⁠Top 10⁠ ranking, Geneva and Rudd’s triumph, to Lyon (Parc Open) as Mpetshi Perricard achieves his maiden title and huge ATP rankings breakthrough. This is followed by Day 1 of the ⁠2024 French Open⁠ with all matches covered. The Video for episode 88 is available on both Spotify & YouTube whilst remaining available wherever you enjoy listening.

Tune in to Beyond Top 10 Tennis and jump to Episode #88 to learn more.