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Top 10 Tennis Players, WTA & ATP Tournaments, Coach-Player Dynamics, What’s Stopping more Grand Slam Wins and How to Deliver

This is episode 72 of Beyond Top 10 Tennis and it’s a whirlwind with jam-packed goodies all-round. Starting with the WTA tour before switching to the ATP tour, Top 10 Rankings are reviewed, Tournaments over the past week on the WTA tour (Thailand Open, Linz, Transylvania, Abu Dhabi & Mumbai Open) & then the ATP tour (Montpellier, Davis Cup, Dallas Open, Provence & Cordoba Open) with respective insights on key player performances, notable regressions to progressions, players with and/or without the 7 Keys and why, to those who harness The Power of the 8th Key and why they’re primed for Grand Slam success in contrast to those who are yet to ascertain “How to Develop a Top 10 Tennis Ranking” in conjunction with Winning their maiden Championship. Today’s episode wraps up with a review of key snippets from “The Secrets to Optimal Coaching Success” and how to leverage the respective Blogs to better learn & develop the 8 Keys to nudge you closer towards the Top 20 before the Top 10 becomes your new reality.

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