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Functional Movement and Balance in Tennis

The final instalment in our functional movement series addresses the role of Balance and how it not only optimises our performance but is a key and thus fundamental performance metric to head towards a Top 10 tennis ranking. Balance can be taken for granted especially in the developmental years and not given the attention it deserves. By putting in the time to build and establish a sound foundation of ‘balance’ better equips a player in the development of dynamic balance through player and in developing an optimal performance.

More evident in the later years is the role of balance under pressure. A player’s ability to maintain balance through play — denoted by the level of dynamic balance the player can exhibit through play, allows the player to optimise their game to become more dynamic as a player courtesy of their movement that affords a greater level of control whilst in motion.

Most simply, the ability to establish a baseline for balance and to head towards establishing dynamic balance through play allows the player to continue to play — without falling over.

Of course there are varying interpretations here and of the role and use of balance, but it remains fundamental in the ‘other’ functional movement proponents to optimise play. From a player’s centre of gravity (C.O.G) and range of movement (R.O.M) and being able to use these in conjunction, balance is pivotal to performance success. The same applies for integrating momentum and power whilst progressively enhancing these elements through a more adaptable and controlled state that aligns with a greater level of balance in a player and in turn their ability to maintain ‘active play’ due to the role of dynamic balance. 

As balance can be termed a more stationary performance metric, dynamic balance is a balanced state in motion — through ‘active play’ and the greater its level the higher the performance outcome. Not only does dynamic balance play a pivotal role in the underlying keys — a central proponent of The V by Dr B (c), it is a definitive optimal performance metric to establish and progress if a player’s objective is to achieve a Top 10 tennis ranking.

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