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Motivation: of the right kind for athletes

motivation for athletes

Motivation is a near buzz word that sets off alarm bells on the ‘right’ way and how to progress forwards. I recall as a teenager my Mum telling me that I needed “the eye of the tiger” to get my results to improve. Similarly, the times my own Dad came to motivate me — but succeeded in embarrassing me completely. The thing is, it was never a topic of discussion nor shared. It is no surprise then that for myself personally, these ‘motivators’ were not mine nor did they reflect my own intrinsic beliefs to behaviours. It is so integral to remember that each player to athlete alike are different and to find out what works best for them.

Over the years I’ve worked with players who respond to a simple glance and that’s all they need. Others, the constant clapping and cheering. And then there’s the more explicit feedback and crafting. Each player is unique as they are human and this week’s episode reminds us all that we’re all human and individuals. Athletes to players is only one side of the individual and it needs to be accounted and cared for.

In order to find what works best for you, ask yourself those key questions from what excites you to more simply, why do you player the sport/game and what’s your end goal. What encourages you to is a positive motivator? What settles your nerves to ignites your game? These are simple conversation starts for players and parents and/or guardians to have, same goes for the athlete and the coach.

The biggest takeaway is that if it’s not working, it’s not your fault.

If it works, keep doing it if it feels good and you respond just as good. If it doesn’t then don’t be afraid to speak up and rework those intrinsic to external motivators and make sure you’re having a blast whilst doing so!

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