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Athlete Development: accommodating the growing body

Athlete development

One of the most integral topics to talk about on a regular basis and is so often overlooked but is equally so frequently associated with a player’s and/or athlete’s rate of injury and its subsequent onset. As one of those player’s whose career was sidelined by the onslaught of injury after injury, I know first hand of its pain — internally and externally, whilst also am mindful how infrequent training modifications are made throughout this phase of growth.

The lack of education around keeping an athlete or player healthy as a whole is incredibly broad.

To ensure your child is safeguarded from developing an otherwise preventable injury, make sure their coach is making the right modifications. For the players and athlete, be sure to have these conversations on a rolling basis of how your body is feeling. There is a good chance if you need more time off that your training load is too high and not in accordance with your rate of development and/or progress. For coaches who want to know more on how to safeguard their player, then listen in and get your hands on The Complete Collection.

We now know of the direct and subtle indirect associations with injury to athlete development and how frequently this is ignored. More often than not, this is the case and why we see players/athletes leave their sport of choice preemptively — without their professional dreams coming to life. There is a way and there is also a way to make sure these dreams stay alive with the correct modifications (yes, there’s that word again) and load in alignment with their rate of progress that is directly correlated with their development. Be sure not to mistake age for an indicator when each player and/or athlete is unique and at different stages of development throughout their playing levels — not to be associated with their actual age!

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