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Player Behaviour and Your Responsibility

Player Behaviour and Coach Responsibility

This week we’re looking at the role of player behaviour and how it is formed which is such an important topic that is often overlooked. I cannot tell you how many coaches I have come across over the years who want to be the “cool” coach and befriend their players. It is such a common practice and the ethics around that are just unfathomable but it happens left, right and centre and neither player or parent are made aware of the susceptibility that is so incredibly evident when it comes to not only the players performance, but also their overall behaviours.

The sporting world is no different to the real-world in such as whether you’re a tennis player, swimmer to basketball player, you’re just as susceptible to another persons behaviours as you would be in the classroom, office to boardroom. The more time you spend with someone, the more likely you’re to pick up specific character traits. This gets even more entrenched when you begin to view that person in a more ‘powerful’ light with greater impressions. Take for example the framing of a role model.

They’re everywhere but really, they’re leveraging your vulnerabilities to latch onto the views you resonate with most.

In simple terms, if your coach becomes your friend, you’re automatically more susceptible to behaviours that potentially you’ve already been taught are less than acceptable or encouraged. On the flip side, a good report between a player and their coach whereby a wonderful respect is shared, is conducive towards an effective role model opposed to one whereby susceptibility is a natural offshoot whether the traits are good or bad — it still happens.

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