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Rate of Progress: is timing everything? The Sister-Factor

Rate of Progress

When we look at the sporting world overall there is so much to be appreciative of and for and in particular how we continue to strive towards the next level. Within this mix, however, are hundred of thousands of players to athletes that stop playing for varied reasons — from injury through to gender disadvantages (yes, it still happens!) to all in between. And to those hundred of thousands who never got to make it to the next level, therein is the ‘one’ player who does. For simplicity’s sake, that’s one million players/athletes that miss out on having a chance — not because they were never good enough, but because something and/or someone along the road derailed them and of that ratio, is the ten that have their chance.

Now, none of these numbers have been statistically proven whatsoever and they are ballpark figures. Why? Because it would be close to impossible to tack down each and every player who once was — and then stopped for varying reasons. Having been in the game for over two decades, I’ve heard my fair share of ‘why’s’ and often it has to do with access and affordability — something I’ve been adamant to ensure AM8 International is continuously mindful of and upkeeping. And even in this day and age, gender still plays its part and even for me, too. Pun not intended but totally relevant.

I cannot tell you how many male coaches will dispute my accolades to level of achievements — reaching the pinnacle of play to deliver on the roadmap to a Top 10 Tennis ranking. Not because they know how, but because the thought of a woman beating them to the plate, half their age, is not okay with them.

So yes, I still deal with this almost every day. Imagine the number of girls out there who have missed their chance because of being told otherwise? This week’s episode looks at this, even with a #taylorswift analogy (no, I can’t believe it either!) as we look at the expectations placed on players/athletes shoulders and the toll this takes financially. It is a long road to the top — specifically a 10 year pathway to begin, and the financial toll can be quite heavy. And whilst at AM8 International this will drop by more than 65% — an astronomical feat in itself, this is discussed to share insights on how this can affect the players/athletes overall wellbeing and how the role of this sister-factor is truth telling in itself if acknowledged and taken advantage of, or ignore and broken dreams are at the end gate.

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