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Celebrating ONE Year on Air, What Tennis Players need to know, What Tennis Coaches need to integrate & Insights towards the Top 10 Tennis Rankings

This is episode 85 of Beyond Top 10 Tennis and marks our ONE Year Anniversary of coming to air. To celebrate this incredible milestone we’ve dedicated today’s episode to a thorough recap of ⁠ALL⁠ our episodes over the past year and begin with a quick Q & A from our listeners. We then dive into our very first ⁠episodes⁠ that include timely reminders, key segments to revisit, injury prevention to ⁠functional movement episodes⁠ and many more. From the coach-athlete relationship through to mentoring, ⁠firing your coach⁠ to planning for the future, today’s episode is absolutely jam-packed. Filled with encouraging reminders to the urge to take a visit down memory lane to better grasp ⁠key concepts ⁠to key milestones now from Top 500 to Top 300 and Top 200 towards the Top 100 in the world on the WTA and ATP tours before ascending closer towards the Top 10. Lastly, listeners are encouraged to send through their Questions for future episodes to dive deeper into some of these often forgotten but incredibly important topics on the road towards the⁠ pinnacle of play⁠.

Tune in to Beyond Top 10 Tennis and jump to Episode #85 to learn more.