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Hiring and Firing Your Coach

Hiring and firing your coach

One of the most controversial topics out there but also perhaps the most empowering, is putting the control back into the players and/or athletes hands to choose who they resonate with best and/or who they like to have on their team. Changing this perspective can be an incredibly rewarding experience for a player/athlete as the roles are somewhat flipped on their heads giving the player/athlete the power to really think about ‘who’ they’d consider as an invaluable additional to their playing future.

Too often than not many coaches manipulate their players/athletes into believing they’re equipped to deliver their lofty dreams and/or aspirations without any prior experience or more importantly, education in really being able to help the player/athlete understand the road ahead and what steps need to be taken over set periods of time.

There’s a whole world of specificity out there and there are also a lot of tools to be leaned on to help upskill and/or navigate the entire coaching process. Perhaps most significantly is an awareness around what skills do you need to learn, at this point in time, to progress further — and the type of coach that is fit-for-purpose. This may or may not be a coach who’ll be by your side for the next 10-20 years, or for the next 6 months.

It’s incredibly important to choose wisely and that is where the parent/guardian comes into play to help their child and aspiring player/athlete look through a new lens and gauge the perspective required to really think about their journey ahead.

It’s an incredibly controversial and yet important discussion to be had and more and more players/athletes should feel empowered to take charge and initiate these conversations with their coaches if they’re not being upfront and tackling the hard questions before they arise!

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