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Learn to go from Good to Great in Your Forehand Groundstroke in Less than 60 minutes with 2 Steps from the World’s Leading Tennis Authority

I don’t normally do this. And when I say I don’t normally do this, I really mean it, especially given the fact that I’ve dedicated the best part of my life to becoming the best in the world at what I do. That said, by all means there is merit to sharing and I definitely enjoy sharing — it makes it that much more worthwhile (*ping* Beyond Top 10 Tennis and AM8 International). To date I’ve opted to share ‘How to’ in a myriad of ways via the 12 Books I’ve had published to date opposed to primarily in Academia and/or Journals of the likes for the simple reason of accessibility. That is, who really reads these Journals and/or Academic centred articles and/or texts? I can guarantee you that the vast majority of tennis players, coaches to parents are not in that cohort nor those who aspire to develop their tennis — let alone become the best in the world. So, I could share this in restricted areas with limited access, or ensure these Books are universally available. I chose the later.

A quick snippet on that. When I say the best in the world, that’s really what I mean. After all, my background has been heavily fine-tuned and focused on this very area. And whilst there are quite popular coaches, mind you, who enjoy noting their accomplishments and for what us in Australia would term sheer bragging, there does come a point where modesty is thrown out the window and the want for attention continues to grow. And yes, of course I’m referring to predominantly males in the [tennis] coaching landscape — the same applies to players, too, quite simply because if you’re a woman in tennis you are still not afforded the same ‘tolerance’ as a male — and that’s pretty shitty. 

Really? Well, I can guarantee you that the majority of you haven’t heard of my work let alone the groundbreakingoutcomes it has come across for the sheer fact again that 1) I am a Woman, and 2) I don’t brandish my work on every corner that comes available. And maybe that’s the problem. Sure, I could go ahead and do that, but then let’s default to issue ‘one’ here and let me tell you, I have doggedly tried. So, whilst a large volume continue to listen to these ‘other’ coaches, the sad fact to the matter is that there are injuries running rife and these coaches who claim to be the ‘be all and end all’ really aren’t — is takes two after all.

Back to the point. Over the past 20+ years I’ve dedicated my life and my career to the tennis landscape and to be clear, not just the forehand groundstroke — that was one of many initial beginnings. This is short and sweet so for more, simply head here if you haven’t already. But when it comes to tennis and qualifications you won’t find anyone globally more qualified. Pretty cool, huh? From the highest coaching qualification attainable, to undergraduate and postgraduate — that’s been ticked off. Then there’s my doctorate — a first of its kind that also set the benchmark for 11 of those Books. The one of focus right here and now is “I am Your Tennis Coaching Guru” that guides players over 10 Years of Play (for a cumulative 20 years) towards that Top 10 tennis ranking. An absolute steal considering it’s with you for at the very least TEN whopping years of play. 

You see, for all the coaches out there that say they can do “this” and can do “that” I’m also afforded a front row seat of the reality — that no, in fact, there’s an underlying reason of why that’s not the case. The same goes for tennis players. And to be explicit, I’m narrowing in on Top 10 players and those inside the Top 50 looking to secure a Top 10 ranking. With key differentials, this has become my ‘bread and butter’ if you like, in being able to leverage science — predictive analytics to new data trends on how to pinpoint those micro-discrepancies that seperate the best in the world to those who hover outside the Top 50 and further. And to be honest, that’s an incredibly brutal threshold.

To be ranked inside the Top 200 in the world, that takes a bloody robust effort. A huge commitment. And a good grasp on key concepts. To nudge into the Top 100, things are starting to fall into place. Then when the Top 50 comes knocking, we’re now in more serious territory. But the majority of players hover here and do not crack into the Top 20 nor go further towards the Top 10And that’s what my work is quite mind-blowing

But as promised, you want to go from Good to Great in Less than 60 minutes? Piece of cake. I’m going to narrow the focus here for high performance players who have a relative ‘good’ understanding of the game and are not ranked inside the Top 200. However, if you are this will serve you well, too, and most probably (*wink wink nudge wink*) help you crack the Top 100 within the next season. Oh, and having a relative understanding of being able to hit a Good forehand groundstroke is a prerequisite — I won’t be giving key technical advice here, just 2 Steps.

Ready? Let’s start with the grip. Drop the racket then pick it up with your palm open — then don’t change it. Then do it again since 99% of you have already changed your grip. If you’ve been playing with your current grip — fine, there is no right/wrong but there are definite ways on how to injure your wrist. Your choice. I’m not counting this as a step, just a basic rule of thumb. Oh, and if you really know what you’re doing, just try it for fun and you’ll find that it’ll help tweak your current grip.

Next, I’m going to pretend someone is feeding you balls, you’re either hitting against a wall (preferred), or with a friend/buddy/mate. And for argument sake, remember we’re narrowing in on the forehand. Stand front on, legs shoulder width apart — then a little wider. Pretend your friend is about to push you over (gently) and your stance is soli enough that a little push won’t make you fall backwards (i.e. lower that C.O.G). Then pretend you’re halfway down to sit on a chair — seriously. Then drop a little further. Feel that burn? Good. You’re most likely not use to doing this so it’s going to continue. Now, pivot that right leg backwards. If 90 degrees is towards the back fence find a middle point between where you are (roughly 30 to 45 degrees) — nothing wild, we’re just getting the basics in check. And I hear one of you say something about open stance — that’s cool, go ahead and do that and good luck (*side chuckles*).

Here’s the kicker. Now, when the ball comes, I need you to keep this positioning which means you’re going to spend the next 40 minutes getting this very position right. So, let’s say we’ve goofed around for 10 minutes, perfected this stance for another 40 minutes, that’s 10 minutes to actually hit the ball. But wait. You can *only* hit the ball without lifting off your ‘imaginary’ chair. No exceptions. If you keep missing the ball simply because you’re unable to keep that ‘seated’ position, then you’re going to go on repeat. Repetition is Good.

After doing this for 10 minutes I’m sure you’re now incredibly frustrated. It happens to the best of us. But this is also what differentiates 8% of players worldwide and why 92% of players and coaches worldwide do not knowwhat it takes to explicitly achieve a Top 10 tennis ranking and to maintain a hold inside the Top 8% of players in the world.

Not too shabby, right? To learn more about the 8% and 92% that’s in my latest release “How to Develop a Top 10 Tennis Ranking”. To learn more about tennis lessons and planners with more tools and tips to progress toward the Top 100 and eventually, the Top 10, you’ll want “I am Your Tennis Coaching Guru”. And to learn more about key player metrics, “What is Your Game Missing” leads the way. Also, simple head to AM8 International to view all our Books and you’ll find the right one for you, whether currently inside the Top 10 on the WTA or ATP tour, or you’re a local Academy player with your eyes set on winning a Grand Slam inside the next 5-7 years. It’s all there.  Pretty saucy and wild at the same time if you ask me

And remember, Great comes with a little bit of patience. Stick with it and trust the process.

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