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Talent ID: Does it Serve its Purpose?

Talent Identification

Continuing along the lines of controversy, Talent Identification (ID) systems are in all sports and have the potential to lift players and athletes alike towards their sporting ambitions, whilst also derailing them if the conversation is not handled in a conducive manner — best to serve a player’s and/or athlete’s future ambitions. Whilst many parents are under the impression that these programs are what’s best for their child’s sporting future, there us a lot of misinformation out there around these systems to programs that are not all good news.

What remains pivotal is that the player/athlete remains informed and is afforded a decision opposed for the decision being made for them.

Too often then not players and/or athletes alike are pulled away from their current coaching environment into a new one without any fundamental adjustments being made. This poses quite a significant risk on the players/athletes development and being inside a Talent ID program is more often than not, not the right decision for the player/athlete as a whole.

This week’s episode looks into the concerns around Talent ID and steps in navigating this process. It remains internal to be mindful of the benefits of these programs but also the risks they also pose. Depending on your sport of choice, these are all slightly different. But, if there’s one thing we know for sure and what the data reaffirms over and over again, is the coach-athlete relationship and its stability. Entering into a new program with a new coach and for this dynamic to constantly be on a rotation, is not what serves the player/athlete for long-term driven ambitions. Choose wisely and remember the triangular dynamic that will keep the team strong and better informed.

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