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The Official Insights on Player Results at the WTA/ATP Miami Open

This is episode 79 of Beyond Top 10 Tennis as the Miami Open is well under way and newcomers to ⁠barrier breakers ⁠take the spotlight along with those who are on the radar this season to make BIG inroads courtesy of our⁠ [NEW] data⁠ implications that showcase the best tennis players in the world. Kicking off with the WTA tour — all the way through to the latest Round of 16 results, followed by the ATP tour and the initial half of the 3rd Round. That’s >350 players and >175 matches cumulatively that capture ⁠key insights⁠ on players and their respective performances coupled alongside ⁠The Power of the 8th Key⁠ and the prerequisite of ⁠The 7 Keys⁠ to build your peak performance baseline.

Tune into Beyond Top 10 Tennis and jump to Episode #79 to learn more.