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Welcome to the Podcast behind the Name

The Coach Parent Relationship

A good six to seven years ago now I was given the nudge to start a podcast. I even went as far as gearing up and even with the GOLD microphone gifted I thought this was it and was super excited. With a few recordings done, I was eager to head into a space I really had no idea about. And then nothing happened.

Well, it did happen but didn’t. The ease of getting into the space at the time was a little confounding and sadly pushed back on my top priority list. In all fairness, is was roughly around the time after my third to fourth book would have come out and needless to say, I still had a LOT more writing to get done. With SEVEN more behind me — that’s right, with 11 x Books to my name, it has been something I contemplated but wasn’t too sure how to begin.

Like many of us, I am sure, it’s about diving in and learning quick and fast and seeing how that goes. So, I just have to give a huge shout out to Spotify and Anchor with their recent integration (merely less than two months ago) which has allowed the once thought hassle to be no more. And whilst I am in the midst of penning my 12th Book (it’s a craft of love!) there’s just so much more to say and do and share with each and every text I’ve penned, it was time to dive in and start giving more.

That’s when it hit me. Don’t ask me how many Chapters I’ve written over the years, but I’m sure there’s quite enough. The premise — to take the listener through these Chapters as my Books all intend, but with the additional insights! I’ve always hoped that my words are akin to taking the reader on a journey in a near step by step fashion in more than one form. On one hand, learning the ropes in a progressive pattern. On the other, heightening the learning curve as the work goes deeper and gets that little more complex — beyond that, I am sure at the best of times when I do confess to getting a little too excited in deep-diving into the work I feel compelled to share.

And there we have it.

Beyond Top 10 Tennis has been coined to share the insights on ‘how’ to get there, but also ‘beyond’ that. That is, the varying dynamics that are integrated in this journey which essentially encompass life as we know it. Little snippets to secrets pulled out here and there with some data to sprinkle on top and commentary that comes from a scientific standpoint — that is, “evidence” opposed to fabricated opinions that run rife in the world from former coaches to former players and we all know the story behind the tale.

My word to all readers to listeners remains true — to share and tell the truth that’s behind the data and to allow this to be a stepping stone for the aspiring players to athletes and those in between. Because after all, the lessons we can learn through sport and tennis more specifically, are adjacent to those we learn in life, too.

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